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Radiant Floor Heating

What is “Comfort”?

“A state of ease and quiet enjoyment free from worry, pain, or trouble.” Here are a few reasons why you should choose Radiant Floor Heating:

Highly Efficient

– Radiant floor heating uses conditioned water to heat your house, your comfort can be precise with room by room control. You can experience fuel savings up to 40% over forced hot air systems and vaulted ceilings may see even greater savings.

Clean and Healthy

– No hot circulating air to move dust and airborne particles. Pollen and mold are greatly reduced. This is great for people with allergy problems.

Warm and Dry Floors

– Never step onto a cold floor again, no more cold, damp basements.

Silent Operation

– No noisy fans, clunking ducts, or rushing air currents.

Complete Design Freedom

– Place furniture wherever you like, no need to worry about blocking air ducts or grills.

Not ready for a complete Radiant Heating System? Consider these options:

  • Baseboard heating- is an excellent way to convert an existing space over to radiant heating. There are a tremendous number of people around the world enjoying the comfortable heat baseboard and radiators provide. Although you don’t get all the comfort of warm floors, baseboard heat is still a single stage heat (heating the objects instead of the air).
  • Radiant Ready Basements- This is an excellent option for the contractor and the homeowner to consider, if they have decided not to install radiant heat throughout their house. Running the tubing before the concrete floor is poured costs a fraction of the cost of a whole system. Then for minimal cost you can hook it up to a water heater and enjoy warm comfortable heat instead of a cold, damp basement in the winter.